About Us

Fusion Auto Finance develops turn-key auto leasing programs with credit unions that generate a high return on investment as well as high customer satisfaction. Core competencies in residual value analysis and lease end account management help mitigate the two most challenging risks associated with automotive leasing. Remarketing is the foundation for Fusion and handling the customer interaction as well as the vehicle at lease maturity. Fusion has developed a true full-circle business with every detail considered, from origination to servicing to resale and disposition.


Fusion focuses its business model on providing competitive programs that are financially sound for the company, the credit union partner, and the credit union member. Along with its marketing partner, GrooveCar, Fusion offers credit unions the CU Xpress Lease, the nation’s number one credit union auto leasing program. Members enjoy the benefits of lower monthly payments, gap waiver coverage, flexible lease terms, and a fair wear-and-tear policy. Credit unions devote their efforts to credit risk and servicing members while Fusion manages all residual value risk.


Our Team

The entire management team at Fusion is steeped in years of proven experience in automotive financing, leasing, and end-of-term remarketing. Such a knowledge base and bottom line success enables Fusion to provide the most well developed and well thought out lease program available to our strategic financial partners and their driving customers.



Jim Calvert


Don Porter

Vice President/COO

Chris Meagher

Director Sales & Mktg

Joe Coreno

Director Vehicle Remarketing

Jim Calvert - President/CEO

Jim is majority owner of Fusion Auto Finance, LLC and is a thirty year veteran of the auto remarketing industry. He is also CEO of EndTrust Lease End Services, LLC, a remarketing services company based in Bedford, Texas. Jim viewed the credit union lending environment as financially sound, consistently competitive, and customer focused when establishing Fusion in 2004 – the credit union marketplace was lacking a full-service automotive leasing source who understood the true risks of the business and Jim envisioned filling that void. The plan for Fusion was to draw on the core competency of managing residual value risk and engage credit union partners who look to profitably grow their lending business and member base.


Fusion has successfully worked with its credit union partners and GrooveCar to build a diversified CU Xpress Lease portfolio with consistently excellent credit performance. Jim’s confidence in leasing was founded on his consistent success in remarketing throughout various cycles in the marketplace. An enterprising innovator, Jim established EndTrust in 1998 – the company actively manages lease vehicle disposition for third party company portfolios as well as acquiring and servicing its own portfolios. Jim also acquired Novak Motors in 2004 to serve as a retail outlet for off-lease vehicles – Novak has dealership locations in Bedford, Texas and Hauppauge, New York. Prior to starting his own business, Jim enjoyed a successful fourteen year remarketing management career with Mercedes-Benz Credit. Jim brings an entrepreneurial spirit that blends well with his unique and extensive experiences in auto leasing.



Don Porter - Vice President/COO

Don manages the daily business operations of Fusion and EndTrust in the shared customer service center located in Bedford, Texas. Don serves as the key point of contact for operational processes and his staff provides support to our credit union partners, dealers, insurance companies, and credit union members who have become CU Xpress Lease customers. A critical responsibility of Don’s in the service center is to manage the lease maturity process, providing financing options and utilizing the industry leading wear-and-tear procedure known as the “No Surprises” policy to ensure a positive leasing experience for each credit union member.


Don has been in the finance and leasing business since 1982, joining Jim Calvert at EndTrust in 2004 after a twenty-one year career with Mercedes-Benz Financial Services. From 1994 to 2004 he served as National Director of Remarketing where he managed a lease portfolio of over $35 billion. While serving as National Customer Service Director, he was instrumental in successfully launching the Mercedes-Benz Customer Service Center in Dallas and implementing renowned “best in class” remarketing processes. Don tirelessly works to meet and exceed the needs of our business partners and driving customers.



Chris Meagher - Director of Sales & Marketing

Chris is responsible for structuring Fusion supported leasing programs with credit union partners – he works closely with each business client from lease program concept through to training and full implementation in the marketplace. Chris utilizes his thirty-three years’ experience in the automotive finance and lease business. He collaborates with prospective credit union partners, providing fundamental financial tools and guidance through an objective analysis of the benefits of credit union leasing. The success of the CU Xpress Lease program started with careful planning and clear understanding of leasing in a dynamic environment.


Chris joined Fusion after a twenty-three year career with Mercedes-Benz Credit, serving in a variety of senior management positions including General Manager of Field Operations with full responsibility for program development, marketing, and coordination of all field activities for six MB region offices in the United States and Canada. From 1993 through 2005 he was the Managing Director for the MB Credit East Business Center with direct, bottom line responsibility for an $8 billion lease portfolio and all market support activities for dealers in the Eastern United States. Chris draws upon his deep and extensive knowledge of lease product development to assist credit union partners in planning, launching, and managing financially sound leasing programs such as the CU Xpress Lease.



Joe Coreno – Director of Vehicle Remarketing and LRRC Operations

Joe manages the Lease Return and Resale Center (“LRRC”) as well as the Novak Motors dealership located in Hauppauge, New York. The LRRC is utilized as the vehicle return and inspection center for off-lease activities in support of the CU Xpress Lease. Joe utilizes his twenty years of auto finance and remarketing experiences to ensure an excellent customer experience for lessees while maximizing the vehicle resale opportunities for Fusion Auto Finance. The Novak dealer operations in New York are also within Joe’s area of responsibility and he manages monthly event sales for credit unions as well as ongoing internet sales.


Joe has been in the auto finance and leasing business since 1990, working for industry leading companies such as Ford Credit, Chase Auto Finance, and Mercedes-Benz Financial. He has extensive experiences in call center/collections management, risk management, sales and operations management and has critical management expertise in end-of-term remarketing and vehicle disposal. Prior to joining Fusion, Coreno was employed for more than 12 years with Mercedes-Benz Financial, serving in a variety of remarketing management positions, including National Remarketing & Strategies Manager. Joe plays a very critical role in the execution of the Fusion Auto Finance remarketing strategy.