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EndTrust Lease End Services - EndTrust Lease End Services, LLC, is a remarketing services company based in Bedford, Texas. EndTrust, started in 1998 by Jim Calvert, provides portfolio management services to banks, leasing companies, fleet rental companies, and other financial institutions. The company manages the lease maturity and vehicle disposition processes for third party company portfolios as well as acquiring and servicing its own portfolios. 

EndTrust has enjoyed consistent success, since 1998, providing a post-mortem perspective on the buying, collecting, and ultimate liquidation of more than 150,000 leased vehicles – this high level of success has been possible through the utilization of dedicated people, proven processes, and the very latest in analytic technologies.  For additional information about EndTrust Lease End Services, see


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Novak Motors – Novak Motors is an independent pre-owned auto dealer with licenses and locations in Bedford, Texas and Hauppauge, New York. Novak was acquired by Jim Calvert in 2004 and serves as the resale dealer of lease vehicles for Fusion developed lease portfolios and select financial partner portfolios.

Novak hosts exclusive credit union member-only sales events at its dealership locations on a monthly basis, providing a positive, no-haggle sales environment along with special credit union finance and lease rates. Consumers can also purchase vehicles from Novak via the internet. More information is available at


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Leasing Strategies - Leasing Strategies, LLC, is an automotive industry analysis firm.  Leasing Strategies, started in 2003 by Andy Tkac, provides objective, fact based analysis and modeling of current and future vehicle market values, helping to position domestic, European, and Asian brand automotive clients to design and implement leasing strategies which compliment sales and profitability objectives. 

Customized analyses and tools are tailored to the needs of the client and consider competitive positioning, product mix, and return on investment requirements. Additionally, Leasing Strategies provides services that assist in monitoring the financial risk inherent in managing automotive portfolios in an environment of volatile resale values. For additional information, see

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Fourth Fleet Financial – Fourth Fleet Financial is a personalized auto finance company that makes buying an end-of-lease vehicle or company car as simple, fast and cost-effective as possible. Fourth Fleet acts as an advocate on behalf of every customer to ensure that they find the best loan rate possible without unnecessary hassles or time-consuming paperwork. Consumers rely on Fourth Fleet Financial to act as their personal guide – providing direction, answering questions and making the entire process as simple and painless as possible.
Fourth Fleet Financial’s personalized financial services mean that leasing, remarketing and fleet companies can quickly and easily increase their driver sales programs and more accurately predict vehicle inventory revenue. Through Fourth Fleet Financial’s easily integrated solution, partners can reduce costly remarketing overhead and sell more vehicles at higher prices by outsourcing their financing and customer service needs for the entire credit spectrum of potential customers. For additional information, see