What is CU Xpress Lease? The credit union leasing program that your new vehicle was leased under is known as the CU Xpress Lease and is offered by your credit union in cooperation with GrooveCar, Inc. and Fusion Auto Finance.


Who is Fusion Auto Finance? Fusion is the titled owner of your new leased vehicle; your credit union is the lender and lien holder – you will make your monthly lease payments to the credit union. As the titled owner, Fusion must be listed as an additional insured on your vehicle insurance policy; your credit union is to be listed as loss payee. Fusion will be in contact with you in the last six months of your lease to offer end-of-lease options and to arrange a vehicle inspection for any excess damage or excess mileage. Fusion can be reached at (866) 870-8015.


For what reasons would I contact my credit union? Any matters related to your lease payments are to be referred to your credit union – monthly lease payments are made to the credit union. If you are planning to move please notify the credit union. You should also contact the credit union if you change insurance companies or your coverage.


For what reasons would I contact Fusion? Please contact Fusion immediately if your leased vehicle is stolen or in an accident that will require repairs to the body or frame. It is important to speak with a Fusion representative if you are considering trading your leased vehicle in or returning it to a dealer – you have responsibility for the vehicle’s condition until it is in the possession of Fusion Auto Finance. Fusion will also be in contact with you during the last six months of your lease term.


What if I move from my current state? Different states and counties often have differing tax rates which can impact your monthly lease payment – please contact Fusion at (866) 870-8015 if you are moving to a different taxing jurisdiction. Fusion will assist in handling any transfer of title and registration to an eligible taxing jurisdiction. Fusion reserves the right to not allow leased vehicles to be garaged in certain states and never in another country.

Who pays the property tax on my leased vehicle? As the lessee, you are responsible for paying all taxes and regulatory fees associated with the vehicle – this includes excise tax, property tax, license and registrations fees, parking violations of any kind, etc.


What is the excess damage and mileage policy? You are responsible to maintain your leased vehicle according to the manufacturer’s recommendations. Your lease agreement specifies what excess wear and damage is and this is further explained in Fusion’s wear-and-tear brochure “No Surprises”. This policy brochure describes in great detail what normal wear is and what is considered excessive. Your lease also states the maximum miles allowed over the term of the lease; miles exceeding this amount are chargeable at a certain cents per mile rate as stated on your lease. Fusion will be contacting you near the end of your lease to arrange a vehicle inspection and it is important for you to be present to review any excess damage or over-mileage issues.


Where do I return my vehicle at the end of the lease? Fusion will be in contact with you near the end of the lease term to arrange for return of your leased vehicle at a specific date and time and at a designated Fusion location. If you are considering returning your leased vehicle to a dealer please contact Fusion at (866) 870-8015 – you remain responsible for the condition of the vehicle until it is in the possession of Fusion Auto Finance – a vehicle inspection will be conducted and you will be responsible to pay Fusion any excess wear and damage as well as any excess mileage charges.


Can I purchase my leased vehicle at the end of the lease term? You have the contractual right to purchase your leased vehicle for the residual value amount at the end of the lease plus any amounts due including payments, late fees, or other charges. You will also pay a purchase option fee and sales taxes due as a result of the purchase. Contact Fusion’s payoff line at (877) 800-9911 for all lease account payoffs. Fusion can arrange financing of your purchase through your credit union