Member Welcome

Dear Valued Credit Union Member,

On behalf of your credit union and Fusion Auto Finance, thank you for leasing your new vehicle with the CU Xpress Lease program. Fusion has partnered with your credit union to make the leasing program available to credit union members like yourself. We welcome you and hope that you enjoy driving your leased vehicle. This welcome provides important information about your lease agreement and what to expect throughout the term of the lease.

  • Fusion Auto Finance is the titled owner of your leased vehicle and the credit union is the lienholder on the vehicle title.
  • Your credit union is the lender and assigned lessor of the lease agreement and you are the lessee.
  • Please refer to your copy of the lease agreement that you received from the dealership for your payment due date and other important terms and conditions of the lease.
  • Your vehicle insurance policy must indicate Fusion Auto Finance and your credit union as loss payee and additional insured. Your lease agreement includes Gap waiver coverage – see the insurance sections of your lease for details.
  • Monthly lease payments are made payable to the credit union – they will offer you multiple repayment options. Please contact your credit union for any payment related questions.
  • You have the opportunity to purchase your leased vehicle at any time including at the end of your lease. Please contact Fusion at 877-800-9911 for a payoff amount at any time. Fusion can also arrange financing of your lease vehicle purchase with your credit union.
  • Maintain and service your leased vehicle according to the manufacturer’s recommendations and have any necessary repairs made. A vehicle inspection will be made near the end of your lease to determine any excess damage or excess mileage that you are responsible for. Fusion will make contact with you at that time.
  • Fusion will contact you over the final six months of your lease term to discuss the vehicle inspection and to offer options, including purchase of the vehicle, extending the lease term, or returning the vehicle to Fusion at a designated time and location.

On behalf of all of us at your credit union and Fusion Auto Finance, we sincerely appreciate your business and look forward to continuing to provide for your vehicle leasing and financing needs. If you have any questions about this welcome information please contact us:


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