ENDTRUST - Remarketing Services for Lease and Balloon Portfolios

Fusion’s sister company, EndTrust Lease End Services, provides strategic remarketing services that pinpoint the best possible options for each individual lease structure in your portfolio.  EndTrust offers a full range of lease-end management services to the auto lending industry:

Pre-Term Automotive Lease-End Management – EndTrust Lease End Services provides lease-end mitigation strategies for portfolio management. Regardless of risk position, EndTrust can work with you to optimize each disposition opportunity.
With our proprietary systems and a specialized, professional call center team, EndTrust can significantly reduce a lender's auction returns. By predicting current and future wholesale values of a vehicle; profitable options are then calculated for the customer. Follow-up continues until the vehicle has been purchased, re-leased or returned. Services include all of the mail, phone, and contract correspondence.

Vehicle Remarketing – EndTrust provides a complete lease-end process. Whether it's vehicle titling, repossessions, or asset tracking at auction level, each wholesale opportunity is maximized.

Many lessors today want all of their Remarketing needs to be met through one company process. Does this limit a company that specializes in one particular area? Not if they are EndTrust. With robust systems to support our processes, our strategic relationships with sister companies and related services create a one-stop shopping convenience for each client.

Fleet Services – EndTrust has developed a marketing service for fleet companies their clients and their client's employee-drivers. EndTrust can manage the driver purchase program for fleet vehicles to see improved penetration, customer service, and program efficiency.

Many Fleet Service Providers identify a need to offer enhanced services for lessees who direct vehicle sales to drivers at lease end. This program is designed to deliver fleet drivers a premium service to facilitate and promote driver sales. EndTrust combines technology and convenience to provide efficiency tools and proactive services for fleet administrators as well as drivers purchasing their vehicle.

Portfolio Analysis and Scrub – Many lessors find it difficult assessing the value of their portfolio - EndTrust can not only cleanse your vehicle identification data, we can evaluate your portfolio as a whole, pinpoint high-risk vehicles, and estimate losses or gains over set periods of time. EndTrust’s accuracy in value assessment is highly regarded
EndTrust works with their clients to identify high-risk vehicles on an account-by-account basis and customize options with the client to mitigate the loss before the vehicle is returned. Vehicles with equity are targeted to increase portfolio profit. We include the most voluminous sources available for auction sales as a resource to create the EndTrust vehicle valuation model. The results provide reliable valuations for current as well as future wholesale market projections.

Company Contact:

EndTrust Lease End Services
210 Airport Freeway
Bedford, TX 76022
Phone 1-817-590-8777