FUSION VEHICLE MANAGEMENT - Disposal and Loss Mitigation Experts

Disposing of repossessed vehicles requires considerable experience and first-hand knowledge of the automobile remarketing business – such background is far from the core financial focus of credit unions whose emphasis is centered on making good loans to members. Fusion Auto Finance has more than 100 years of senior management experience in the remarketing of vehicles and the mitigation of potential value loss. Our company is well positioned to provide valuable assistance to our credit union partners in consulting, process design, and management of the repossession disposal process:

Experience and Leveraging Industry Relationships

  • Proven remarketing formula to maximize resale values with focus on credit unions.
  • National transportation relationships to align vehicles with best resale locations.
  • National negotiated auction contracts (Adesa, Manheim, Southern AA).
  • Expertise in determining level of reconditioning to net additional resale proceeds


Considerable Knowledge Base

  • Wholesale Pricing - ETAPS (EndTrust Automated Pricing System) vehicle valuation process draws on the largest volume auction results available – produces extremely accurate live auction projections for each vehicle in your auction inventory.
  • Inventory Management & Title Administration reduces turnaround time to finalize all sales.
  • Arbitration Management – NAAA Arbitration Policies expertise in providing appropriate disclosures to maximize resale value.


Effective Remarketing Process

  • Structured Operational Process and Communication – effective and efficient interchange of information with each auction.  Each location has a dedicated, assigned Fleet/Lease Manager, Account Administrator, and condition report writers focused on Fusion Auto Finance account.
  • Marketing in multiple channels – telemarketing, direct mail, e-mail, print-ads, and In-Lane/On-Line events all used to target dealers and increase attendance resulting in increased exposure.
  • Novak Motors Retail Option – two licensed dealerships (NY, TX) to offer vehicles at retail price.
  • Consistent auction run times/lane placement – volume is leveraged and purchaser loyalty grows.
  • Internet Sales – multiple outlets to complement traditional brick and mortar and increasing exposure to buyers: Simulcast, LiveBlock, Dealer Block, OVE, Openlane.


Measureable Results

  • Summarized Reporting – attendance Information (lane/on-line), buyers list, sale proceeds and itemized expense recap.
  • Performance Reporting – highlight sales proceeds in relation to industry book values: Black Book, Galves, NADA, Kelley Blue Book.
  • Resale Maximization Assurance – Fusion Auto Finance will improve repossession resale results by 15% or more over current process.


Next Steps

  • Discuss terms and conditions of an Agency Remarketing Agreement.
  • Determine data and reporting requirements for both parties.
  • Contact Joe Coreno, Director of Remarketing at 631-787-7400 or email at jcoreno@fusionautofinance.com